Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Awesome God!! Look what He gave us today

Every year for umpteen years we have had Kildeer nests in our back yard. It doesn't matter where we live, the birds are always there.

They are migratory birds. I'm not sure when they leave our area, but I know they return in January. Early in the morning until late at night these "party birds" are out there squaking and running around. If you haven't heard one, they have a high pitched almost whistle voice that is very annoying when you are trying to sleep. They are actually beautiful birds with some awesome markings.
God knew exactly what these birds needed when he gave them their color. They make nexts on the ground usually by moving in some small pebbles and stones to camoflague the next. Their eggs are light brown with dark brown flecks all over.
If you come anywhere near a Kildeer nest, these birds go into action. First, they start squaking and fan thier wings and tail feathers out so they appear to be hurt.
To an unsuspecting predator, the bird seems easy prey, so they will follow with mouth watering. When the predator is far enough away the bird is miraculously healed and flys away laughing. The predator is at a loss for the bird or the eggs. If you see such a bird and try to find it's nest, you will probably not be lucky. Those eggs blend in so well they are almost impossible to see. Even if you have been to the nest before and know exactly where it is, you may still have trouble relocating it.
Well, yesterday it was beautiful weather so the kids and I went outside to work in the garden. We have a mammoth playset area with dark brown rubber mulch in it. There are some patches of over grown Bermuda grass that is still dormant. My daughter was about to enter the play area when Mama bird let out a screech. Both bird and girl were frightened. (Probably more girl than bird) I knew where the nest was now. I had caught her before she could fly. I looked and couldn't find it. Later, I had forgotten all about Mama bird when I found her nest. She wasn't happy to see me at all. I backed off after I saw she had already laid 4 little eggs. How sweet. Now if the cat doesn't get them before they hatch. I'll keep you informed on the babies if/when they get here. They are the cutest little things. The come out looking like minature adults, but much cuter. See the long pointy beak and those glaring red eyes. I couldn't help wondering what kind of damage that beak could do to a skull. She was very gracious to let me get so close to her to get her pix. Maybe she thought she was going to be asstar, and, well, she is (at least on my blog).


This Country Girl March 24, 2009 at 6:18 PM  

Awww..she looks like a star to me! Kildeer are so fun to watch...they are so clever and entertaining! We have watched them and seen eggs hatch and it's very entertaining and educational! I hope Max leaves them alone!


mylittleducks5 March 24, 2009 at 10:50 PM  

That is so neat! God is amazing!! I can't wait to show my kids tomorrow and read all the great info. too.

thecreasycrew March 24, 2009 at 11:07 PM  

WOW! These are some great pics!

country gal March 28, 2009 at 11:29 PM  

She is sooo pretty! We watched about five eggs sit...and sit....and sit...and sit....until...AHA!!!!!! They hatched!!!! They are adorable!!!!

Love, Joy =D


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