Monday, April 26, 2010


The category this week at I Heart Faces, is Smiles. I had lots of smiles I could have used, but this one seemed too cute to pass up. This was taken at Easter. My son decided he wanted to look like his daddy, so we went and bought him a suit. Daddy supplied the sunglasses. They walked the halls of church looking just this way. Tyler was proud to look like his dad. You can tell by that little grin (smile) on his face. It was too hard to be serious. Momma loves those dimples. LOL

You can see more smiling faces at

Friday, April 23, 2010

Fix it Friday

Over at I Heart Faces it is Friday again. Here is the original picture:

It is a great picture with lots of potential. I use PSE and opened in Camera Raw. I tweeked the temperature, blackened the blacks, upped the saturation and sharpened it a bit. Then I opened it. I ran CoffeeShop's Perfect Portrait on it, but took out the color pop since I had already tweaked the saturation. I whitened her teeth (teeth always need whitening, no matter what), whitened the whites of her eyes, brightened her eyes, and smoothed her skin a bit.
The snow blur across the face bothered me, so I used the dropper and picked a color near the blur and airbrushed it on to match. Here is how it turned out:

I hope you like it. I love learning new stuff on PSE. If you want to see more fixes, head on over to:

Friday, April 2, 2010

Fix it Friday

It is Friday again and over at I Heart Faces it is time to fix another picture. This one has the most adorable little girl in it. I couldn't resist trying to work a little magic on it.

This is the original.

This is my edit. I use PSE8 and Coffeshops Perfect Portrait for my action. Super easy and quick.

To see more edits of this picture head on over to


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