Friday, February 5, 2010

Shell Changing

As you know from an earlier post, Crabitat, we have hermit crabs. Nine to be exact. They are such exciting creatures. I would highly recommend getting more than just 2. Right now we have anywhere from 4 to 6 of them buried up. Some are molting and some are just on vacation. They come and go. I never know what I'll find in the morning in the crabitat. Things are moved, food is gone and crabs are up that were down and vice versa. Some days I find a crab in a new shell and recently, I found a couple of crabs naked. (Not on the same day.) LOL For some reason I found them without their shells on. It was amazing, but confusing. My crabitat is by no means a super warm spot; not in the winter, anyway. I don't know why they were streaking. However, I did get to watch them put their shells back on. God sure did make some amazing creatures when he made Hermit Crabs. I ordered new shells for them and after putting them in the tat the other night, I heard clanging. I looked over to see some shell "romancing" going on. Shelldon was looking over a new shell. He measured and cleaned it for over a half hour. I watched for a while, then I got my daughter's camera to take a video. I knew he was about to change shells. Here is what I saw. You might want to scroll down to the very bottom of my blog and hit pause on the player because this video has some music also.

Sad to say, Shelldon had buyer's remorse. He changed back within 5 minutes. I think he found it a bit small.



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