Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Munchy's cocoon

This is Munchy now. We dug him up and put him in one of those butterfly pop-up houses. He really isn't a butterfly, but I don't think he will mind being in there. We are trying to confuse his days and nights, so he will come out of the cocoon during the day. He is actually a nocturnal creature. A moth to be exact, and a big one. We are putting him in a dark area during the day and in the light at night. It might be too late for this, but oh well, we can try. He should become a moth next Monday or Tuesday. I'll let you know. Isn't it amazing how God made this amazing creature. He is a huge, green, juicy worm one day and this brown cocoon the next. You can see his proboscis. That's the long thing looped on top and what he will use to eat. They feed on nectar just like butterflies. Then you can see his wings folded under that. They are rather large, but he will be a very large moth; the size of a hummingbird. The his abdomen or tail. He can and will wiggle it if you move him or roll him over. If you look really close, you can see little black spots on the side of his abdomen. Those are his spiracles. He uses them for breathing. He doesn't have a nose. I can't wait for him to come out.



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