Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Today we went on a field trip to Dinstuhl's chocolate factory. I was in chocolate heaven!!!! What a job to have. First we saw a slide show about the origins of chocolate and how it has been used in history. Then we toured the factory. We first had samples. Yum. Then we saw several people making various candies. One paricular cream candy took 3 people to make it. The first guy put the bottom chocolate on the cream center and sent it on down the line. It was then pulled through a chocolate waterfall and shaken to remove any excess chocolate. We all agreed that you couldn't have too much chocolate, but they disagreed. The lady in the middle put the squiggle on top of the candy and then it was cooled as it was sent to the final lady. She inspected each piece and put it into boxes. Another lady was in charge of making chocolate in molds. She was taking duckies out of molds. They were solid chocolate. Then we were shown all the various packaging. They can make anything out of chocolate. All you have to do is ask. Finally, we shopped for chocolate to take home. Bobbi picked out a chocolate record. Yes, she knew what a record was. Tyler chose the chocolate policeman set that included chocolate handcuffs. Then, as if that wasn't enough, before we left, they gave each child and each parent another chocolate gift. They were super nice people. I love chocolate!!! Sigh.


This Country Girl April 28, 2009 at 11:35 PM  

It was heavenly, wasn't it? I loved all your pictures! Joy loved that she made your blog and love the caption! This was definitely a favorite field trip for me!



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